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Where to Stay in Stockholm: JumboStay Hotel

If you’re deciding where to stay in Stockholm, Sweden, look no further than 5 minutes away from the Arlanda Airport! The JumboStay Hotel is the best place to stay in Stockholm because it’s a hotel inside an old PanAm airplane! Stay in a standard room or splurge for the cockpit suite. Perfect for it you need to rush to catch a flight in the morning.

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Where to Stay in Taos, New Mexico: A Night in an Earthship Home

Earthship homes may sound like something that was designed for outer space but these technological achievements are actually gorgeous houses that are designed to function completely off the grid. Built from recycled materials and with water, heat, electricity and cooling that is self-sustaining, the community of Earthships in Taos, New Mexico is an amazing stop on a road trip and an even better place to stay overnight,.

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