Hello, my name is Laura.

I’m a full-time advertising agency creative rooted in Chicago with a love for finding adventure wherever I go. Throughout my childhood, my family saw every corner of the U.S. by train, venturing as far as California and New Mexico from the Windy City. I spent a lot of time watching the world fly by through the windows of Amtrak lounge cars. I took my first trip by plane sophomore year of college and never looked back. 

Adrift Aesthetic is all about the adventure lifestyle: a home for wanderlusters who don't just want to feel like a tourist while traveling, but instead immerse themselves in the outdoors and actively push their limits wherever they go. Hiking, ice climbing, kayaking, snorkeling...going out of your comfort zone will give you the globe-trotting experience of a lifetime. I'm all about small towns, National Parks and taking the road less traveled in more popular cities and destinations. You may get a little lost along the way and you may find yourself a bit adrift…but that's where the best adventures are born. Browse for inspiration, travel tips, itineraries and recommendations. I hope you like what you find! :)