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Point Reyes Hiking: The Best Outdoor Tour from San Francisco

If you’re looking for an amazing outdoor day tour from San Francisco, look no further than Point Reyes hiking! The Point Reyes National Seashore is a massive preserve that sits on a peninsula in the Pacific Ocean. The best hikes in Point Reyes will reward you with endless views, animal sightings and some unique historical landmarks. Check out Point Reyes on your next trip to Northern California!

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Hiking Joshua Tree National Park in One Day

In the middle of California, in an area spanning the size of Rhode Island, you’ll find Joshua Tree National Park, home to surreal landscapes and a zen desert atmosphere. During the day you can hike through seemingly endless rock formations, while at night there are countless stars and planets visible in the panoramic sky. Learn more about the best hikes and how to stay safe during your unforgettable excursion to Joshua Tree.

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Channel Islands Kayaking: Everything You Need to Know

Don't miss a chance to cross Channel Islands kayaking off your bucket list at Channel Islands National Park! Learn what to expect when taking the boat to Channel Islands, what you’ll experience on your kayaking tour, and which hiking trails on the island provide the best views. Make sure you add Channel Islands National Park to your next Southern California itinerary!

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