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Your First Time at Zion National Park: 6 of the Best Hikes and Views

One of the "Mighty Five" National Parks located in Utah, Zion National Park may be the mightiest in terms of the amount of yearly visitors and the variety of hiking trails it offers. From adrenaline junkies to casual hikers, Zion has tons of trails that range from beginner to moderate and strenuous, plus you're constantly surrounded by towering mountains on all sides.

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Hiking Bryce Canyon National Park: The Beauty of Utah

Bryce Canyon National Park is both driver-friendly and hiker-friendly. If you’d rather not get dirty (and covered in red sand) you can drive the 18 mile road along the top rim of the canyon, or you can make your way inside the canyon via a variety of different hiking trails. Either way, Bryce Canyon in Utah is a rather underrated National Park that will make you feel like you’ve stepped onto Mars.

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Hiking Joshua Tree National Park in One Day

In the middle of California, in an area spanning the size of Rhode Island, you’ll find Joshua Tree National Park, home to surreal landscapes and a zen desert atmosphere. During the day you can hike through seemingly endless rock formations, while at night there are countless stars and planets visible in the panoramic sky. Learn more about the best hikes and how to stay safe during your unforgettable excursion to Joshua Tree.

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